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Fake Grass Terminology

fake grass
Terminology for manufactured products varies enormously. A photograph conveys instantly what something is but words can confuse with many variations on a theme!

For example, we have always referred to our product as artificial grass but there are people who never use that term. Instead they might refer to it as: fake grass, faux grass, synthetic grass, synthetic turf, artificial turf, plastic grass or even astro turf

Fake grass is a term used more in the USA than in the UK and refers to all types of artificial grass whether for artificial lawns, sport use, leisure, gardens, exhibitions, displays, retailing or even roadside and car park grass verges. Faux grass is an alternative phrase, preferred by some people who don't like the word 'fake'.

Artificial turf and synthetic turf usually infer a sports application and the term astro turf is used by many people as a generic term for both sports and domestic fake grass though its origins lie in the Trademark brand of a US company which famously supplied the Houston Astrodome stadium in the 1960s.

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