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Lifestyle City 

Great looking, easy-to-install!

Lifestyle City is a good-looking lawn, which is easy-to-install – great if you are planning on doing it yourself. As an all-round performer, you can use Lifestyle City to enliven your roof terrace, balcony or even your campervan. Some people also use it as display grass or small mats for indoor use.

Price: £9.30

per square metre

Available in 2m & 4m widths

Easy-to-install, good looking artificial grass; an all-round performer, Lifestyle City is an excellent option.

Pets will enjoy running on the grass, and maintenance of this grass is straightforward, particularly when clearing up after your pets.

It’s short curled pile height of 10mm, means it is a no-fuss fake grass that is easy to cut and install, so why not give it a go?

All our grasses, including Lifestyle City, allow water to drain through them – just take a look at the drainage holes punched into the back of the backing before you lay it down.

Artificial Grass for steps

Perfect for:

  • Roof terraces
  • Patios
  • Paths

  • Space for pets
  • It is also fire-resistant tested

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