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Lifestyle Multi


Because of its short pile height of 13mm and its hard-wearing nature, it is ideal for displays, roof terraces, walk ways and other general leisure purposes. So why not think about making use of that dark outdoor space that has previously been out of sight – a carpet of Lifestyle Multi artificial grass could turn it into a light, usable space, adding additional room to your living space.

Price: £13.50

per square metre

Available in 2m & 4m widths

Multi-purpose, versatile artificial grass that offers you a range of uses. Olive green with a short pile.

You also have the option that you can install this grass with or without sand infill, depending upon where and how you plan to use your grassed area. It also allows water to drain through it, ensuring that your garden space isn’t water logged and as usable as it can be.

Lifestyle Multi Grass Preschool

Perfect for:

  • Roof terraces
  • Patios
  • Paths

  • Space for pets
  • Golf gardens!

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