Doggie heaven for playtime and pure catnip for snoozing in the sun!

So many of our customers have chosen our artificial grass because they have pets! But how will your animals react to this new play surface?

The answer is they’ll be more than fine with our pet friendly artificial grass – dogs romp around artificial grass no differently to natural grass, and for you there’s no damage on rainy days. And for cats the soft, warming grass yarn is a bed just made for stretching out on.

In fact, pets will happily spend all day on their new luxury lawn and the garden, which will continue to look wonderfully green.  Imagine – no more dead grass spots or digging damage!

These photographs were sent in by customers whose pets love to play on their artificial grass lawns. We think they speak for themselves!

Jack Russell Artificial Grass

Newsham family pet dog on artifical lawnHere is the Warrington-based Newsham family’s pet dog ready to play with his favourite ball on their artificial grass lawn. He certainly looks keen!

The family opted for a DIY installation and are so pleased with the ease with which it was accomplished as well as the end result.

Red Setters

Another pet owner, this time based in Cardiff, sent us this super photograph of her two Irish red setter pups Bogdan and Branston.

Here they are, pictured enjoying their new dedicated play area where their owner chose to install our Lifestyle Elite grass.

Their owner’s verdict: They absolutely love it!

Here are the main reasons why artificial grass can benefit dogs and their owners:

  • Dogs find artificial grass soft and enjoyable to run and play on.
  • Moreover, it’s there for them to enjoy all year round. Gone are the sun-dried, hard earth days, the too-muddy to play days and the curfew days because you’ve just put fertiliser or weedkiller down.
  • You can enjoy your lawn free from dog wear and tear, staining and smells. Pets will readily ‘do their business’ on it and artificial grass is permeable, allowing wee to drain through and any poo to be removed easily; what’s more, the artificial grass fibres will remain completely undamaged.
  • You’ll also have no more muddy patches to look at and no more muddy paws to clean before your pet is allowed back in the house! Every day of the year it can be the same, no matter what the British weather presents!

Owners of boarding kennels can also enjoy great benefits from installing a fake grass dog run. A customer from Horsham installed our artificial grass for the dog run in their own boarding kennels.

So, make your pets happy and order your free samples!