Artificial grass is incredibly versatile, and can be used for lovely lawns, in comfy caravans and bright children’s bedrooms!

Gardens without grass: an unthinkable idea! But our artificial grass can make your life so much easier – a perfectly British lawn to admire and use without hassle. In addition, instead of paving your seating area, why not cover it with artificial grass? You will have a durable area on which to place your tables and chairs and a more serene covering to walk and look over.

Pets love playing on artificial grass

If you have pets, an artificial lawn can be a brilliant surface. Dogs treat artificial grass as if it were real grass, playing happily, running around and doing their ‘business’ throughout the year, as previous customers have testified.

Dogs on artificial grass

In fact, it can be such a good idea for those who have pets that some kennels have also installed artificial grass into their exercise runs.

The durable nature of the grass and the way it is constructed means that their wee drains through and poo can be removed easily; the grass won’t be harmed by the mess and there won’t be any staining or smells. You can pour a bowl of hot soapy water on a bad mess too – can’t do that on natural grass.

Plus, as there won’t be any muddy patches, you won’t need to clean muddy paws as they come back into the house. Brilliant!

Some more unusual uses

Artificial Grass Ltd’s grass range has featured a variety of different uses, including forming the hull of this wonderful ship here. Just imagine what else you could do!

Campers love the no-fuss attitude of fake grass put down inside campervans, or used just outside tents. You can even use it indoors: if you have a gym room or a football-mad youngster, it gives a perfect, great finish to your floor or their bedroom, whilst also brightening it up.

Artficial Grass Ship

As well as replacing real turf in small gardens with artificial grass, you can put artificial grass down in nursery and school playgrounds, on patios, roof terraces, or even inside conservatories.  You can even add it to your boat deck, giving a durable, water repellent surface that also looks great!

If you have any questions, see if they are answered on our Any questions? page, or give us a call. We are always very happy to help.

To find out more about which grass is best for you, take a look at our grass comparison chart and order your free samples.