An active space for an active life!

Just imagine looking out on to beautiful grass, where you can relax in the summer, your children can play, whatever the season, and your dogs can run around. With our UK-made grass, Artificial Grass Ltd can help you achieve your dream.

If you are fed up with muddy lawns in winter and lawn-mowing in summer, artificial grass gives you the chance to sit back and enjoy all-year-round green. Your children or grand-children will love the soft grass, your pets can run around and you won’t have to clean mud off them and you will only have to carry out a small amount of maintenance.


As well as laying it in your garden, you can put artificial grass on your balcony or on outdoor staircases. If you head out camping, it is a great surface for keeping the outside of the door of your tent or campervan mud-free, or why not lay artificial grass on your roof garden? As you can tell, artificial grass is a great, practical way to brighten up grey, concrete spaces, reinvigorating them and giving them a new lease of life. You can see why more and more people are making the decision to install artificial grass in their spaces.

And if you are a business, there are as many advantages for you too. Have a look at our page on commercial uses of artificial grass to find out more and get in touch with us.