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Beautiful Artificial Grass
Royal Marine Jason Burns proudly shows off his atificial grass lawn
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Artificial Grass Limited

Have you ever imagined having a perfectly green lawn all year round?

Have a look at the different types of grass we have available here at Artificial Grass Limited, and see how we can help you achieve this dream of a stunning lawn. We are sure that you will find something suitable for your needs, whether it is to accommodate pets or children, deal with damp or shady patches where grass just doesn't grow, or if you are just looking for easy maintenance.

Buy Lifestyle® Grass and buy British - Homeowners - Get a quotation, buy online or check for a local supplier. Landscapers, Architects, Resellers - Join our growing distributor network in the UK and Europe.

Manufacturing Artifical Grass LogoSinceOurs is the oldest artificial grass factory in Britain and we are the only UK fake grass manufacturer selling DIRECT to the domestic and landscaping sectors.

If you are looking for fake turf to buy at an economic cost to make your garden beautiful, look no further. We are an artificial lawn company that is both a manufacturer and a supplier of synthetic grass and, as well as offering excellent products we are able to share our wealth of experience.

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Which grass is right for you?
LifeStyle Elite
Luxurious Alternative to Natural Grass
LifeStyle Luxe
Ideal for Gardens for that Lush Lawn Look
LifeStyle Lawn
All round Family Favourite
LifeStyle Multi
Great for Lawns, Paths & Patios
LifeStyle City
Perfect for Balconies
& Conservatories
LifeStyle Delight
Four colours to choose from and more!